About us

Bona Eats is one of many products in the pipeline from Bona Smart Technology LLC We aim at bringing you the very best mordern technology can offer.

The Restaurants

Bona Eats Allow customers nearby to see your menu and place order. We provides delivery to the customer on your behalf. You will receive email notifications new orders and start processing them immediately. Your admin portal will show all orders in queue in a first come first serve base. The customer will pay you directly to your mobile transfer account before you start processing the order. Bona Eats is responsible to advertise the platform bringing you customers. You can also advertise your direct link to your customers once one is created for you. As an initial user you will receive multiple benefits like free use in the beta stage. You will have the benefit of adding employees as a way of tracking who works on a particular order. We can schedule a demo at you convenience to illustrate how the platform works

The Customer

Imaging you are in a different town or city and need to search for food around. Visiting BonaEats.com Allows you to find Restaurants closer to your current location. You are able to browse the menus of these restaurants and place order for delivery to your door. From the moment you place order you will be able to track your foods progress and contact the restaurant for updates. Once your order is out for delivery you would receive details about the delivery staff including their phone number and photo. during delivery, you would provide your order number to the delivery staff for confirmation.

The Delivery Staff

Our delivery staffs are well trained to handle food from the restaurant and all the way to be delivered to the customer's current location making sure the food is still at its current temperature. Hygiene is our paramount concern and customer service at it best.